14 August 2020

Dear Sesoko Station users

– On the use of Sesoko Station (update)-

Due to the emergency statement of Okinawa Prefecture for pandemic of Coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) on 13 August 2020, Sesoko Station responds to it as follows:

– Users outside of Okinawa prefecture: temporally closed
– Users within Okinawa prefecture: opened for maintaining organisms only
– Users from University of the Ryukyus: following the university regulation

We will announce the extension of the closure or the reopening of the Sesoko station on the website.
Thank you for your understanding.

Contact: Office of Sesoko Station
Tel: +81-980-47-2888, Email: sesoko@acs.u-ryukyu.ac.jp

Head of the Station
Tropical Biosphere Research Center
University of the Ryukyus