Tropical Biosphere Research Center (TBRC), University of the Ryukyus
Application Guidelines for Joint Usage and Collaborative Research in FY2020

As a certified research center for joint usage and collaborative research supported by the MEXT, JAPAN, involving studies conducted on biospheres in tropical and subtropical zones, our purpose is to promote and develop research collaborations among researchers in Japan and overseas in the relevant fields.
Here, we are pleased to welcome your applications and promote collaborative research projects taking advantage of TBRC facilities located in the Ryukyu Islands, and also to provide opportunities for research meetings using our facilities.

1. Categories for Applications

Applications are categorized into five sections detailed below.

Category Title Details Support Expenses* Application
A-1 Collaborative Research Collaborative research conducted with faculty members of TBRC Support in the form of travel expenses with an upper limit of 250,000 yen Form A
A-2 Collaborative Research
(for Young researchers)
Collaborative research conducted by young researchers with faculty members of TBRC Support in the form of travel expenses with an upper limit of 250,000 yen
A-3 Collaborative Research
(Overseas research institutes)
Collaborative research conducted by researchers belonging to overseas research organizations with faculty members of TBRC. Researchers not selected here shall also be eligible for a review for category A-1 (Upper limit on travel expenses: 250,000 yen): Those who wish to apply for the second review should indicate their wills on the application form. Support in the form of travel expenses with an upper limit of 400,000 yen
A-4 General Research Research conducted using our facilities.
Although this type of research is not conducted jointly with faculty members of TBRC, supporting faculty members needs to be specified.
Support in the form of travel expenses with an upper limit of 250,000 yen
B Joint Usage and Research Meetings Research discussion, meetings, etc., conducted with faculty members of TBRC. In principle, the period for such activities is limited to 2 days. Support in the form of travel and meeting expenses with an upper limit of 500,000 yen Form B

*Support Expenses can cover travel expenses only. Other expenses, e.g. shipment, boat charter, and consumables are not applicable. Used expenses will be reimbursed regularly after we receive all the receipts, boarding passes, etc. Please contact us for more details.

2. Eligibility for Application

Applicants must be researchers who belong to national or private universities, national or public research institutes in Japan and overseas, or those who hold equivalent positions (including part-time researchers, post-doctoral research fellows and predoctoral/graduate students).

If applicants are graduate students, the application must fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Supervisors/advisors of the applicants are responsible for research activities in our facilities, and must approve the application from students by signing or sealing in the form of a written consent. TBRC may demand compensation for any damages caused by the applicants from the supervisors/advisors.
  2. The applicants need to have an insurance for student education and research covering disaster and accidents during research activities conducted at TBRC. A pdf copy of the insurance certificate must be attached upon submission.
  3. A pdf copy of a student registration certificate must be attached upon submission.
  4. In case of changes of the student status including a change of a supervisor/advisor, be sure to inform of the details to the Research Promotion Section, University of the Ryukyus immediately and resubmit the written consent, which will be reviewed to judge the acceptance of the research proposal again.

If applicants are to be accompanied by other researchers (including graduate students), the use of travel expenses will be accepted only if the applicants concerned take responsibility for the activities of such accompanying researchers at TRBC. Please note that undergraduate students are not eligible for travel expenses.

Young researchers are those who are 40 years old or younger on April 1, 2020.

3. Duration of Joint Usage

The period of joint usage shall commence from April 1, 2020 and end on March 20, 2021.

4. How to apply

(1) Please consult with a faculty member of TBRC in the relevant field and laboratory of your choice (see TBRC homepage) prior to submitting your application. Upon application, please register your user information and log onto the online application platform from the URL given below. Select an appropriate category of application and input all required fields for your research proposal.

(2) A PDF file of a written consent with your own and your Director’s signatures need to be uploaded. If an applicant is a graduate student, a signature and a seal of the applicant’s supervisor/advisor are also required. Only the written consent can be accepted until one week later the deadline of research proposals.

(3) A confirmation notification will be sent by email from the Research Promotion Section, University of the Ryukyus upon receipt of your application. If you do not receive confirmation after one week of submitting your application, please be sure to contact us.

Be sure that one researcher (or graduate student) may apply only one proposal. Multiple applications from the same researcher may be declined.

5. Application Deadline

Application forms must be submitted via the online system from Dec 2, 2019 to Jan 17, 2020..

6. Inquiries

(1) For general procedures:
Research Promotion Section, Joint Usage Facilities Liaison, General Strategic Planning Division, University of the Ryukyus
1 Senbaru, Nishihara-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 903-0213 JAPAN
Tel: +81-(0)98-895-8036

(2) For online application system:
e-mail: (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)

7. Decision

Decisions on selection will be made by the Steering Committee of TBRC, which will be notified via email by the Director of TBRC.

8. Submission of Reports, Presentation of Theses, etc.

(1) Successful applicants should submit a prescribed report on the online application system by Mar 31, 2021.

(2) The content of submitted reports will be included in the Annual Report of TBRC.

(3) When publishing results of your research, please include a note of acknowledgement (see the example below) mentioning that the results of your research were achieved through joint usage and collaborative research at TBRC. Please also send copies of the publication to the above postal or email address of the Research promotion Section (Photocopies or electronic data are also acceptable. Please send 2 copies in the case of paper reprints).

This study was supported by the Collaborative Research of Tropical Biosphere Research Center, University of the Ryukyus.

9. Other Matters

1) Please contact the faculty member in your field regarding equipment available at TBRC.

2) Successful applicants must abide by the university rules and regulations. Please pay special attention to The University of the Ryukyus Policy on the Handling of Tangible Research Materials with regards to the taking out of samples, specimens and other materials from your research. For details, please contact your supporting faculty member.

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