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The mission of the Iriomote Station of the Tropical Biosphere Research Center is to develop, advance, and disseminate scientific knowledge, improve agricultural productivity and environmental quality, conserve biodiversity, and enhance human health and well-being through research. Central to this aim, is the pursuit of academic excellence and collaboration in the conduct and presentation of research and a commitment to explore policy relevant issues for a variety of circumstances and users. In order to achieve its mission, the Iriomote Station will:

  • Understand and interpret, through research and collecting, the uniqueness of the biodiversity of sub-tropical islands while maintaining a global scientific perspective.
  • Foster cooperative efforts in Tropical Biodiversity research throughout our region.
  • Provide dynamic leadership in Tropical Biodiversity research through publications, expeditions, lectures, and field studies.
  • Facilitate development and submission of sponsored project proposals.


From Naha Airport to Ishigaki Airport: Flight about 1 hour
From Ishigaki Airport to Ishigaki Port: Bus. Direct: 30 min, others 40-45 min
70 min
50 min
5 min
60 min
Iriomote Station
870 Uehara, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa 907-1541 Japan
TEL:0980-85-6560 / FAX:0980-85-6830