Comprehensive Studies on Biological Interactions in the Tropical Biosphere

Biological phenomena in the tropical biosphere are established upon delicate and well-balanced mutual interactions between a great variety of species. Since this is facing a global crisis due to human activity and climate change, systematic and comprehensive solutions to this crisis are need to be investigated and implemented based on studies of complex biological interactions,

Our mission at TBRC of the University of the Ryukyus is to function as the state-of-the-art international research and education center on the above mentioned issues in the tropical biosphere. We aim to find solutions to the current crisis by conducting biological and ecological studies to understand the mechanisms of establishment and maintenance of the vast diversity of life, including humans, in tropical and sub-tropical biospheres.

Areas of research interest and educational activities include:
  1. The establishment and maintenance of biological diversity.
  2. The survival strategies of living organisms.
  3. The dynamic interactions of symbiotic or infectious microbes with hosts.
  4. Cultivation of next-generation researchers and educators.