Sesoko Station

Sesoko Station
3422 Sesoko, Motobu, Okinawa 905-0227, Japan

Sesoko Station is located on Sesoko Island in the west of northern part of Okinawa-Honto (Island). Sesoko station was founded as a branch station of Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of the Ryukyus in 1971. This former station was renamed as Tropical Marine Science Center and served as an inter-department institute of the university, In 1994 when Tropical Biosphere Research Center was established, the institute was integrated into the new center.

Sesoko Station owns modern large-scale fish tanks, and it is well equipped with instruments for marine science. Many foreign and domestic researches and students visit the station for the ecological and physiological studies of marine organisms. Courses by University of the Ryukyus and other training courses by various organizations are frequently opened at the station.

The dormitory of Sesoko Station is for researchers and students. It can accommodate 38 visitors.
The station also owns 2 guesthouses for foreign visiting researchers.