Since Okinawa is composed small islands located in a subtropical region, it is strongly influenced by a m aritime climate with strong sunlight throughout the year, unlike the temperate zone to which most of the Japanese archipelago belongs. In this environment, there are high physical (heat, ultraviolet rays, strong winds), chemical (soil salinity), and biological (pests) stresses. Therefore, native plants in Okinawa are equipped with high stress defense mechanisms. Many of the molecules involved in these stress responses (phytochemicals) have strong effects on animal physiology. Some of them can be applied as functional components that affect human health.

In this field, we are investigating the functional characteristics of plant resources in subtropical islands and their application to human health maintenance.

  • 熱帯樹木は暑さに耐えるためのイソプレンというガスの放出を一定温度を境にして効率よく制御している
  • からし菜摂取による食後血糖値上昇の抑制
  • アルクチゲニンとノビレチンによる相乗的抗腫瘍活性


Position Name
Professor Hirosuke OKU
Associate Prof. Hironori IWASAKI
Adjunct Associate Prof. Masashi INAFUKU