28 September 2020

Dear Sesoko Station users,

– On the use of the Sesoko Station for domestic users –

The Sesoko Station partially reopened to external domestic users from 1st October 2020. However, please note that it may change even after accepting visitors application, depending on the spread of the COVID infection and the requirement of the country, Okinawa prefecture, and the university.

<Conditions: From 1st October 2020>

  • The number of people that can be in one research group is limited by the size of the laboratory (maximum 6 people in the largest laboratory).
  • Use of the station is for research purposes only.
  • Only long-term stays (1 week or more) are accepted for accommodation. Only one person per room will be accepted.
  • If you have a fever, cough, or any abnormality in your sense of smell or taste within the 2 weeks prior to your visit, please refrain from using the station.
  • Please prevent the spread of infection while using the station (frequent hand washing and disinfection, wearing a mask, avoiding “3 C” situations, crowded areas, etc.).
  • Please drop by the office when arriving at the station for additional information.

Contact: Office of Sesoko Station
Tel: +81-980-47-2888, Email: sesoko@acs.u-ryukyu.ac.jp

Head of the Station
Tropical Biosphere Research Center
University of the Ryukyus